Lessons from Our History

What is in Our Nova Scotia DNA?

Around the world, our collective histories shape us in ways that sometimes are not apparent until circumstances bring old grievances to the surface. Here we explore some very positive aspects of our background that can be woken up, shared, or amplified to better equip us as a society to deal in wise and compassionate ways with challenging circumstances.

What Mi’kmaq culture offers to everyone

Chief Dan Paul’s website offers MI’kmag perspectives on and historical practices of government, political structure, religious and cultural outlooks, relationships and childraising.

Chief Dan Paul is a prominent Mi’kmaq elder, author, columnist, and human rights activist and the author of the book We Were Not the Savages.

Champlain’s Dream: Surprising lessons from the first European settlement in Nova Scotia

Observations on a new, critically well-received biography of Samuel Champlain stressing his vision of Acadia and New France as a model of religious and ethnic tolerance.

The Cornwallis Controversy

Some perspectives on the founding of Halifax and the legacy of the mid-18th century British nobleman tasked with building it and defending it against the French and Mi’kmag.

Our History of Social Innovation:

Voluntary Planning, a model for collaboration: An interview with Allan Shaw

Allan Shaw, Chairman of the Shaw Group and a past Chair of APEC, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Public Affairs, and Canadian Policy Research Networks, was also Chair of the Voluntary Planning Board for over twenty years.