Wayside Community Standards

We all know the snake pits that many comments sites on the Internet can be. Since what we are trying to do here is to see what we can build together, rather than how we can best attack each other’s foundations, we have developed a traveler’s code for the conversations on Wayside.

  • Please be respectful, as if you were having a face-to-face discussion with someone you would like to get to know.
  • Be passionate about the subject, not about the person who’s posting.
  • When provoked, if you can, ask questions, be patient, inquire—sometimes we’re actually not disagreeing, but using different words to say the same thing
  • Be generous—in sharing experiences and content, and if people seem to be being stupid, remember that we all take turns being stupid.
  • We’re looking for models for new solutions and ways forward—let’s look at what is working while being clear-eyed about what isn’t.
  • It’s almost embarrassing to have to say this, but let’s stick to the facts (as the word was widely understood until recently).
  • Please stay relevant to the topic and avoid repetitive advocating (aka haranguing).
  • Extra points for appropriate humour—it can really smooth the way.
  • Obviously, any form of hate speech will get you promoted to Wayside Siberia.