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Bring Out the Best in Others

All the methods listed here are time-tested approaches that have been used in all sectors and across the globe, and that the creators of this site have experienced personally.

Conduct a Meeting

This simple guide will help you if you have never organized a meeting before and are not sure what to do to make yours a success.

Engage the Public

How can the input from a large group with different ideas be solicited so that the best ideas come forth, and at the same time the process builds a good feeling about the project among the public?

Initiate a Project

What I am proposing here I have learned from long observation; a lot of quite painfully,

What is in Our Nova Scotia DNA?

Around the world, our collective histories shape us in ways that sometimes are not apparent until circumstances bring old grievances to the surface.

Database of NS Non-profit Activities

Nova Scotia 211 was initially set up to help people find programs they need or want to volunteer for, it works equally well to see who in the province, or in your area might be engaged in activity similar to what you are doing or contemplating.

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