Resources Overview

This section contains resources to help move ideas into action.

The How To section offer guides to help people looking to start, expand and advance grass-roots initiatives, with a particular emphasis on how to best do so in Nova Scotia.

What Others Are Doing connects to the most extensive database of Nova Scotia community, non-profit and government social programs.

Find Data You Need offers resources, to support people who need to make presentations, of useful facts and figures, arguments and visuals.  The Library holds presentations that people have generously shared that others can borrow from.

Foundational Skills provides extensive background materials on systems thinking, mindfulness and collaborative methods.

Lessons from Our History looks at narratives and perspectives that can help us today from the too-often overlooked founding cultures of Nova Scotia—Mi’kmaw and Acadian.  It also looks at what we can learn from our long history of social innovation–what has worked and what hasn’t and why