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There is No Other Future. How Do I Know ?

Let’s not mince words. Google has seen the future clearly, ahead of us all, and it’s circular. Alphabet, Google’s parent company and the largest company in the world, is well known globally for not just seeing into the future, but often creating it. The company is now focused on building the Circular Economy (where industrial waste = food) and building Circular Cities, as the path to sustainable futures for themselves and for the planet. To accomplish this it’s teaming up with cities like Toronto and New York to create new possibilities.

In the circular economy, by design, no pollution or toxins are permitted and everything is recycled or upcycled into new products at the end of their useful life. In Canada, there’s a newly created Circular Economy Lab to promote this idea in Ontario. Ten years ago, Nova Scotia was leading the world in Circular Economy strategies and abandoned this approach.

What did Nova Scotia know that Google, Walmart, Microsoft, The World Economic Forum, the European Union, Scotland,China and Japan didn’t.

There’s still time, perhaps, for us to join this movement and reap the benefits as early adopters. Talk among yourselves.

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    Walmart? I was not aware that they did anything good at all except help China. A small organic food section does nothing for them in my eyes.

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