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Imagine: A Home Visit from the Driver’s License…

What’s more irritating than the need to take a half-day out to renew your driver’s license, or check on your old age pension, or go to any government office to wait and wait among a crowd, while the time ticks by?

In Delhi, India, a remarkably convenient idea is being tried – the government clerks are making home visits. For an extra fee, residents can fill out forms and get their business done in minutes rather than hours. The government is offering this service to fulfill some 100 services, from marriage licenses to water bills.

Would this work in Nova Scotia? It’s true that in Delhi, with 18 million residents, the waits tend to be much longer. But any Nova Scotian who’s spent two or three hours driving to and waiting at a government office would welcome a home visit that allows the business to be transacted in 20 minutes or so. Would it be worth the extra fee, which would surely need to be higher than the 150 rupees, or $2.78 being charged in India.

The Guardian article: ‘It’s a revolution’: Indian officials deliver public services at people’s doorsteps

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