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HaliFACT 2050: Local Government and Climate Activism

The Halifax municipal government is rolling out a long-term plan to combat climate heating, HaliFACT 2050, and is soliciting public feedback on its website.

The purpose is to reduce emissions significantly by conserving energy and switching to clean energy sources, and also to help communities adapt and prepare for a changing climate. HaliFact is currently in development, with upcoming pop-up engagement sessions for the community, formal presentations, and a technological action plan.

The measures include a wide range of energy reduction ideas, including the expansion of the Solar City Program, which provides help and financing for solar energy installations to improved public transportation and the ways of reducing waste and the use of plastics.

Shape Your City Haifax/HaliFact 2050 has a schedule of upcoming public engagement events and presentations and also a place to offer suggestions and obtain information online.

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  • Tony Lamport @tonylamport

    Hopefully they will consider the impact of global dimming and create a plan we can all get behind. Having a plan of action could calm much of the anxiety people experience around being climate helpless.

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