Foundational Skills

Foundational Skills Resources

Systems Thinking

Tools for Better Collaboration

  • The Art of Hosting  an overview of The Art of Hosting Community of key practices, with some described further, below
  • Open Space World  Open Space (Technology) is a simple way to run productive meetings that address the individual concerns all the participants have
  • The World Cafe is a powerful process for groups of any size to talk about what is meaningful to them in common
  • Conversation Cafe. Resources to support starting informal, simple but powerful conversations.
  • The Appreciative Inquiry Commons. Appreciative Inquiry is a simple but profound approach to bringing out the best in people, organizations, and communities. This the online home of the appreciative inquiry practitioner community.
  • The Art of Powerful Questions. A brilliant guide to creating and working with powerful questions.  The basis for all good participatory design.
  • Liberating Structures.  A simple and very user-friendly quick guide to dozens of collaborative methodologies.

Community-focused Collaboration

Other Powerful Methods for Wise Action

  • Scenario Planning Resources Tools for groups to learning about the future by understanding the nature and impact of the most uncertain and important driving forces affecting us.
  • Theory U  A framework for best proceeding form inspiration or challenge to action