All Conversations Forums Economic and Societal Well-Being City planning Who’s going to be moving into all the new condos in Halifax?

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  • Mark Coffin @markcoffin2

    I haven’t done much reading on the topic, but I’ve always assumed that the market demand was already there – either for sale, or rentals for folks looking for apartments. I did read that the vacancy rates are low in Halifax lately, which would suggest that there is demand. If more of the city gets bought up for exclusive use as an AirBNB rentals, obviously that won’t be good. Though for those of us looking to balance a mix of rural and urban living, AirBNB and related platforms make the best of both worlds possible

  • Michael Chender @mchender

    I’ve heard many stories but they centre around a  lot of offshore buyers, many of who seem to be doing it for a safe country investment (Canada) and a market that may be perceived, rightly or wrongly, as having more upside (by virtue of being cheaper) than other major Canadian cities.  Is this the case, and if so, what about the consequences of having largely unoccupied buildings or a surfeit of  Air B and Bs?

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