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  • Tony Lamport @tonylamport

    Tiny houses seem to work for many people who also deeply value simplicity and economy. I’d like to see the principle extended to the development of other kinds of urban spaces. I had a teacher in Design school who built himself a tiny condo in the large lobby of an apartment building where he used to live. It allowed him to live where he wanted to and also leave the place when he needed to travel freely. I know Halifax is looking at in-law suites and such. I hope they are really creative.

  • Tiny houses are a growing trend in Nova Scotia — they are highly affordable at a time of rising rent and house costs, and certainly look cute. Have you ever lived in a tiny house or apartment? Alone or with others? Would you recommend it? Any ideas for making life in a tiny space cozy and warm, as opposed to too-tight and claustrophobic?

    Here is a CBC story on the rise in tiny houses in Nova Scotia…

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