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  • Tony Lamport @tonylamport

    What a great question. It gives the opportunity to visit some large terrain. Do you think that there is a need for teaching openness and compassion to our children as a particular view of self and the world as opposed to other more closed and less generous views, or do you think those qualities of openness come naturally in children who grow up with a strong sense of abundance, their own self worth and a feeling of confidence in their abilities.

  • Julia Sable @juliasable

    I’m a mother of a 15 month old, and in the few spare moments I have, I wonder how to best introduce him to social issues – the beauty of diversity, the importance of a clean environment, etc. I have ideas on how to do this as he gets older, but I’m curious to hear about initiatives, ideas or resources calibrated to help in age-appropriate ways.

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