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  • Tony Lamport @tonylamport

    Design is now about using minimum materials, using both positive and negative space, oacking and unpacking and making it possible for manufactured objects to be transformed into something else at the end of their useful life.

  • Tony Lamport @tonylamport

    Most interesting, perhaps, and less complex  is the original study done by Cambridge University that looked mostly at company level spending on design and a commensurate resilience and success, with some perspective also on the country level. Numerous studies on design including a couple of Canadian ones (one looking at Ontario and one nationally that notably, essentially, ignored Nova Scotia) conclude that design strength is a powerful and possibly necessary path to prosperity in a modern world economy.

  • Michael Chender @mchender

    Can you provide some more detail on the research?

  • Tony Lamport @tonylamport

    Every country that has a strong design capacity has a strong economy. When will we in Nova Scotia stumble across this fact in the extensive research work done in the UK ?

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