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  • Michael Chender @mchender

    In an article this week in the Cape Breton Post, Bob Martel, a former family doctor now working in West Arichat as a palliative care physician, reacts to being criticized by an NSHA official for his “negative comments” and suggests:

    “For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument and debate. We are bereft of all in the current dialogue around health care in this province….it is not writing about negative outcomes that perpetuates negative outcomes, rather it is ignoring that they exist. If health professionals with first-hand knowledge shared honestly what they observe everyday then it is likely that solutions would be found.”

    Yes!  Without knowing the nature of a problem fully, “solving” it is more mixed with PR, turf protection, and kicking the can down the road than it is with honestly addressing the challenges in front of us.

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