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Devils In the Details

Some amazing things are happening to the power grid in the UK. Kiwi Power, working with that country’s smart grid, turns off various appliances in hundreds of London buildings (eg air conditioning in hotels, offices and hospitals) by remote control in order to conserve energy when the grid is overloaded. Because normal building control systems are not particularly accurate or sensitive and use more power than is actually needed to do the job, no sacrifice of comfort is experienced by the occupants of the buildings. The grid itself, however, is very sensitive – for instance, knowing that in the U.K. there is widespread watching of TV soap operas and a common response when they are over: that is, putting on the kettle for tea at the end of the show, the grid managers watch the soap operas themselves at their dashboard control desk and increase electrical production the second the credits run.

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  • Wayside Staff @BradHoffman

    Gosh, what if someone hacks that? I don’t want smart things in my grid!

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