As people working for the greater good, trying to build better futures and solve complex challenges, we need to be constantly learning. Unlike traditional trainings which focus on technical and management skills, we know that the current context is asking us to be both grounded and authentic we need to be adaptive, with the capacity to embrace complexity and ambiguity while bringing clarity, optimism and forward momentum into our work.

Available to anyone who wants to learn and be more effective, our courses offer a foundation in this kind of approach. They can be taken alone or as a full package foundational certificate. They are organized around the core skills we need to effectively make in impact in our communities: seeing the larger context (A course on Systems); seeing our own role and patterns (Foundation Course on Mindfulness) and engaging others (The Art of Collaboration).

Courses take place over five weeks and consist of video lectures, a live on-line meeting and a forum for questions and conversation with a learning community.

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