The Art of Collaboration

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Sera Thompson Sera Thompson Teacher

Sera Thompson is a social innovator and master facilitator whose work is focused on building capacity for participatory leadership and creating movement around complex issues. Her work creatively engages a diversity of players and stakeholders in finding shared clarity and timely actions. She began her career in the complex field of Environmental Consulting, juggling the needs of diverse stakeholders balancing economic, ecological and social sustainability. She has a deep commitment to the future of Nova Scotia, since 2006 she has supported dozens of organizations in government, academia and the non-profit sector to create positive change.

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The Art of Collaboration
How do we gather allies and work creatively with conflict?

These days everyone is talking about collaboration. Due to a shift in thinking around management practices, the rise in social media platforms that enable and expect participation and the emerging conversations around how power is distributed in our teams (#metoo, TRC, etc). Even if we know we want better collaboration and engagement, the question is how. When we collaborate well we can unleash the potential of teams and groups. There is no recipe for this kind of collaboration, it takes new maps for navigating the world, simple practices for working together and a spirit of adventure. Every action and change begins with a conversation.

Addressing a challenge, starting a new initiative, or moving an agenda forward requires that we work with others. There are always untapped skills, insights, capacities and potential in the people around you – in your organization, board or community. Becoming skillful at bringing teams together to make good things happen takes intention, planning, and practice.

This course will give you practical tools for more productive conversations and meetings leading to common understanding, new thinking and innovative approaches to old challenges.

Course Format 

The course is delivered in five weekly modules. Each module consists of a series of short video episodes. A module takes around 1 hour to complete and consist of a few 10 to 20 minutes video lessons.

We will meet as a cohort in the second week (module 2) for a live video conference. Each week there will be discussion forums to engage your questions and insights with other participants and with the instructor. There will be optional readings and small assignments to support you to integrate the material into your practice.