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Climate Heating Marches and Protests…

“I don’t want to die,” said Lexi Walsh, a 16-year-old Citadel High School student, explaining why he took part in the Climate Strike through downtown Halifax a few weeks ago. “Things are getting worse and worse and I don’t think we’ll survive.”

That, more or less, is probably why most of the 10,000 people spent that Friday marching and chanting and brandishing signs” “There is no Plant B, and, as appropriate for a student-led march, “Climate change is worse than Voldemort.”

At least eight other Nova Scotia towns, urged by Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who is rousing the world to climate activism, joined the global protests that day for climate change activism. And a week or so ago, protesters from Extinction Rebeliion, a worldwide climate activism organization, shut down the Macdonald bridge during morning commuting hours, a mostly peaceful protest that nevertheless saw 18 people arrested for remaining after the period agreed upon with city officials. That day, too, similar protests were happening in towns and cities around the world. And in November, another march is planned for the Nova Scotia Legislative building.

The point, said David Wimberly, a longtime activist and co-founder of Eco-Dharma Action Group, is to make the urgency of climate heating — melting glaciers, extreme storms, rising seas, to name only a few destructive aspects — unmissable to even the most distracted person — and to push government and business leaders into strong action.

The Climate Strike march was “exhilarating,” said Wimberly. “But what matters is the follow-up.” There are numerous ways to participate — more events, marches and organizations like Ecology Action Center, Nova Scotia Environmental Network, as well as Extinction Rebellion, and Eco-Dharma. What activist, local and global, are trying to get across is that this isn’t just a cause. it is matter of survival, for all.





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