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Our purpose

  • Individuals become more effective and less isolated in their work
  • Projects and social initiatives benefit from cross-fertilization and new connections
  • Nova Scotia becomes more fertile ground for social and economic innovation


with recognized experts and a supportive peer community


rich stories of systems change in Nova Scotia and elsewhere


the resources you need to take the next step


with others facing similar challenges

rich stories of system changes in Nova Scotia and elsewhere.

with others facing similar challenges

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the resources you need to take the next step

How To

Bring Out the Best in Others

All the methods listed here are time-tested approaches that have been used in all sectors and across the globe, and that the creators of this site have experienced personally.

How To

Conduct a Meeting

This simple guide will help you if you have never organized a meeting before and are not sure what to do to make yours a success.

How To

Engage the Public

How can the input from a large group with different ideas be solicited so that the best ideas come forth, and at the same time the process builds a good feeling about the project among the public?

How To

Initiate a Project

What I am proposing here I have learned from long observation; a lot of quite painfully,

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